Khazir Group Company for General Trading (Importing & Exporting) and Contracting, a private sector company which covers within its activities a wide range of economical and commercial activities in the field of imports and exports with a number of countries i.e. Turkey, Germany, in addition to the branch offices within Iraq (Baghdad –Mosul –Arbil-Duhok-Karkuk).




The company also participates in the field of general constructions and infrastructure works aiming for rebuilding Iraq as it has activities in the field in addition to land transportation.


Economical and commercial activities


The economical and commercial activities which were assumed by the company in past and present years led to the intensification of experience and technical skills of all the company’s personnel and staff in all the company’s branches. Stemming from these acquired skills The Company was successful in accomplishing various contracts with extreme accuracy and precession and within typical time periods never exceeding the exact deadline if not before. These components of optimum performance of increased the confidence of the parties doing business with the company and the enthusiasm in dealing with the company especially in the field of constructions and works for rebuilding infrastructure facilities.


Our main objective in our work and activities is not confined to financial profit but are extended by our oriented striving and dedication to rise our country’s economy. Khazir Co. is an Iraqi company aiming to accomplish a various developed projects, which our country and we need in order to keep pace with the rest of the world.


The Company’s Goal


Participating in activating, rebuilding, and renovating the country and promoting the aspects of national economy in various sectors according to the national planning of developing.

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