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Its located 50 km far from the Turkey-Iraq border, on the state road; Semmel / DUHOK area.It is located in the “DRY PORT OF DUHOK” which is built to meet all the needs of our sector with its infrastructure and superstructure and also includes all the institutions and organizations that the sector needs.

Irak’s first inland port and international logistics base was established to ensure that the International and national transportation companies from Duhok, which was located dispersedly and unhealthily to carry out modern, up-to-date activities which will not adversely affect the city life, by creating a synergy. All of our building is equipped with fire warning and extinguishing systems. It has a car parking capacity to meet the needs of all offices except our truck and truck garages. Green areas around the building will also be experienced in the peace of nature.


In order for Irak to become a Logistics Base and to be able to provide this transformation, it is necessary: to strengthen the logistical infrastructure, to internationally and nationally integrate the transport network, and to restructure in terms of technology and quality employment according to the current principles.

Our future goal is:

• to increase the ability of companies operating in our base to do business,

• to contribute to the international and national logistical activities to be done according to a specific plan,

• to enable Iraq export products and Iraq transportation to be preferred more in the international arena, and

• to help to increase the number of logistical base structures in our country.

In order to provide the best service to our stakeholders who are located at our base and serving outside our base, we aim to accelerate transactions through cooperation and information sharing and increase the international competitiveness of Iraq transport by moving to Logistics 4.0.


Our facility, which is built in accordance with the world-class smart building concept, consists of 2 blocks and 64 offices.

Please contact us for the appropriate offices. In this project, which we started by considering the needs of our sector in dedication to the great breakthroughs and changes in our country; 64 modular offices have been put into service in 2 blocks to meet all the needs of our logistics companies.

All of our building is equipped with fire warning and extinguishing systems, the generator is capable of operating all systems and electrical system has been made uninterrupted.

All of the offices are integrated by technology companies specialized in internet, telephone and communication networks. The system infrastructures that you can post to the panel system in our center are available in all our offices.

With 24-hour professional security service, the security of your offices is in safe hands.


Our building will provide security and peace of mind with security personnel located in all blocks of the building, except that it is monitored by 360 degree view cameras with zom feature located at various points for 24 hours.

Apart from these, the security of being secured by the gendarmerie station on the logistics is another advantage.

The controlled entry-exit of the logistics superior will also provide security privilege.


Don't you want to park your vehicles safely in the world-class parking and garage areas away from dust and soil 24 hours a day?

This garage with modern wc and showers and high level security will give our trucker trades the service they deserve in the most economical way.

Our trucker tradesmen will receive parking service in our garage with peace and joy.


In our logistics center, which will meet all the needs of our truckers tradesmen, restaurants, cafeterias, markets, rest rooms, patisseries, etc. There are many service areas.

Our DRY PORT OF DUHOK project, which is one of the most respected projects in Iraq, offers services far above IRAQ standards with its social areas. Our smart building, established to meet all the needs of our truckers tradesmen from a single center, has many sections.

Advantages of taking place on Duhok logistics center

Services provided within the entire residential area

  • Duhok Truck Customs Directorate
  • Duhok Customs Laboratory Directorate
  • Customs Temporary Warehouse Services
  • Bonded Warehouse Services
  • General Storage Services
  • Truck-Parking Areas
  • Container Stock Areas
  • Repair and Maintenance Services
  • Fuel Sales Services
  • Restaurants - Cafeteria
  • Hotel
  • Banks
  • Market
  • Bath
  • Mosque
  • Computer Technical Service
  • Security services

By taking your place in this prestigious project; You can serve your customers more professionally in your active business life, you can sign modern, permanent economic projects.

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