President Letter

Our company’s goal participating in activating, rebuilding, and renovating the country and promoting the aspects of national economy in various sectors according to the national planning developing .


However, today, we feel that the time has come to share the just pride in taking our position in the higher levels among the countries exported, in this environment of competition of today. The steps we are taking towards the summit are the clear indications that we have come a long way in the last quarter of century. We knew from the beginning that our path would be difficult and that the business competition would be ruthless. During the days when we had few personnel and our fields of activity were limited, our clairvoyance in the field and playing the right map will lead us in the right direction to leave behinds permanent achievements.


We have identified our clear and long term objectives. We had set out on our journey to offer employment opportunities for more people in a short period of time, to increase our investments, and to make the best use of our resources and have continued to do so until today. With the major projects the companies of our group have accomplished both in country and abroad, we have made important achievement. Our fields of activity have increased rapidly together with the years.


The efforts of technology are indisputable however, we are aware that we owe a significant portion of our success to the fact that the importance we place on man power never diminished. Our standard of quality has increased as a result of the importance and value we placed on the human factor.


This actually is the victory of the awareness of being “we”, great perseverance, decisiveness and faith. In addition to the projects our group has accomplished both in country and abroad, I would like to extend my profound appreciation to all our employees and managers who have contributed their knowledge, experience to the board scaled ongoing projects and reiterate my confidence that will make more accomplishments together.


As we leave another year behind, we believe that we have a lot more roads to tread with all our employees and stakeholders, and many more successful works to leave for our country and the world. We are hoping that 2016 will be a year when we will achieve our objectives in all sectors we operate and carry Khazir Group even further.



Best Regards; 

Sakfan Yaseen Saeed

Chairman of Board of Directors

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