Project Vision

Create an excellent “GREEN CITY” that provides the essence of success and comfort of working ,learning and living on a sophisticated level.


Green & Building Material


Educational & training

Research & development

Production & Professional services

Exhibitions & Sales

Recreation & Leisure

Comfortable housing life & work

Industrial factories


Project Master Plan


The desert Rose project will be an architectural landmark, which will be designed to symbolize the project.


Professional opportunities


Very few companies involved in the landscape or Green industry. Most of workers in the Green sectors are unskilled. All current, future and development projects involve more than 30% greenery and landscape.

Two workers = 1 h

Deficit of 30,000 workers

40% dedicated to greenery.




* The desert rose will be a unique architectural landmark

* Lively center with exhibition and event spaces, recreation and catering areas.

* The goal is to interlink all “users and stakeholders”  Through common human needs (eat, drink, communicate and recreate).

* Unique destination for business and leisure.


Center of excellence


Kurdistan has indicated global acceptance of an emerging regional self-governing and democratic province. Kurdistan can become market leader in the region in the “Green Sector” and the “Construction and Building Material Sectors”. The Green Center of excellence will drive Desert Rose to become the region’s market leaders in the “Green & Construction sectors”.


Project objectives


* Create different utilization and network under one roof.

* Create a business hub for buyers/ sellers in horticultural, agricultural and floricultural green industry, as well as buyers & sellers in the constructions and building materials industry.

* Create a long term lively, urban and viable community.

* Satisfy user’s needs in a friendly architectural environment.

* Create Recreational Facilities.


Green Centre


-Garden Center

-Component of the retail complex

-Horticulture / Agriculture


-Landscaping components

-Equipment Center

-Contracted area 18500 m2

-Product group

-Plants, trees and seeds

-Irrigation systems& materials

-Garden products, furniture & all types of Green machineries & tools, pools& ponds , Fertilizers…

-Plant care products

-Building Materials & tools

-Construction equipment & Machineries & Tools

-Floriculture & Agriculture


Production Concepts


The production area will cover 40% of the whole plot with approximate 400,000 sqm Mirak agriculture services will concentrate on producing:- Seasonal and cut flowers Trees & shrubs of all types and sizes Indoor & outdoor plants Turf High value vegetables and fruits Tomato paste Carton

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